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Darryl E. Jory


Análisis de la hidro-estabilidad de los alimentos de camarón

La integridad física y la lixiviación de nutrientes de los alimentos acuícolas para camarón son aspectos importantes en su control de calidad. La estabilidad en el agua de los alimentos de camarón se evalúa a menudo de diversas maneras subjetivas. 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture America 2017: Communication key to the future

This year’s Aquaculture America in San Antonio, Texas, provided significant learning and networking opportunities. It successfully brought together 14 U.S. aquaculture organizations and more than 1,600 participants from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. 


There’s more than one way to grow tilapia  

Tilapia aquaculture has expanded significantly in the last 30 years. Production systems range from extensive, low-density and low-technology in small earthen ponds, to semi-intensive systems in larger ponds, to recirculating systems with high densities.   


Analyzing the hydrostability of shrimp feeds

The physical integrity and nutrient leaching of shrimp aquafeeds are important aspects in their quality control. The water stability of shrimp aquafeeds is often evaluated in various subjective manners. This analytical procedure provides a baseline for the aquafeed manufacturer to 


The proper management of commercial shrimp feeds, part 2

Effective aquafeed management methods are critical for efficient production of farmed shrimp, and to minimize environmental impact. In the second part of his series, Editor Emeritus Darryl Jory looks at shrimp feed management in terms of application, distribution, frequency, calculations 


The proper management of commercial shrimp feeds, part 1

Shrimp production systems and their feed management must be considered together. It requires an understanding of biological aspects of the targeted species and age, of production system used, of chemical and biological processes that control water and bottom quality and 

Health & Welfare

Acclimating shrimp postlarvae before pond stocking

Shrimp postlarvae acclimation before stocking into the various growout systems (ponds, raceways, tanks) is a critical – and often overlooked, sometimes taken for granted – step in the shrimp culture process. Various water quality parameters should be changed slowly so 


Revisión GOAL de Producción de Camarones en 2016

La encuesta de producción GOAL 2016 para la industria mundial de camarón cultivado mostró una fuerte recuperación en 2014 (creció el 10 por ciento a 4,18 millones de toneladas métricas), seguido de un descenso de la producción en 2015 (5,4