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Podemos crecer un mejor camarón, y de mejores maneras

El reciente Simposio Centroamericano de Acuicultura en Choluteca, Honduras, reunió a más de 600 participantes para discutir temas de la industria y sus perspectivas. La atención se centró en enfermedades del camarón y sus impactos en la producción, así como 


We can grow better shrimp, and in better ways

The recent Central American Aquaculture Symposium in Choluteca, Honduras, brought together more than 600 participants to discuss industry issues and perspectives. The focus was shrimp diseases and their impacts on production, as well as practical alternatives to face these issues 

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Health & Welfare

Regular population sampling of shrimp in ponds, part 2

With practice and common sense, cast netting produces adequate data for successful management of shrimp ponds. It is important, from a practical standpoint, that sampling techniques are adapted to the site, natural resources and human resources available. 


GOAL Shrimp Production Survey: Recovery coming

The GOAL 2015 Shrimp Production Survey showed that global farmed shrimp production is rebounding from the decrease seen from 2011 to 2013 due to diseases, and is headed to an all-time high of around 4.8 million metric tons in 2017, 


Welcome to the Advocate!

In line with the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s mission to advocate, educate and demonstrate responsible aquaculture worldwide, the Advocate is a forum for information and insight into one of the world’s most important and fastest-growing industries. 

Health & Welfare

Cobia hatchery-to-market technology at UMEH

Cobia is a top emerging candidate for tropical and subtropical marine fish aquaculture. The University of Miami Experimental Hatchery has led ongoing research to advance the viability of raising hatchery-reared cobia.