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Ongoing production issues in shrimp farming, part 1

More R&D and investment is needed to address various ongoing issues in shrimp farming, including genetic improvement, nutritional requirements and feed ingredients, health management and other issues. 

Health & Welfare

Examining domestication of green tiger shrimp in Egypt

The domestication of green tiger shrimp (Penaeus semisulcatus) as a source for seedstock could help expand aquaculture in Egypt. Trials by the authors compared the reproductive performance of wild male/wild female pairings with that of pond-reared male/pond-reared female and wild 

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Health & Welfare

Black tiger shrimp domestication advances

The production of early generations of domesticated broodstock in open-environment ponds may have hampered the domestication of black tiger shrimp. 

Health & Welfare

Domestication and broodstock management

A domesticated organism is trained to live with, or be of service to, humans. In practice, their life cycle has been closed in artificial environments.