News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Health & Welfare

Ongoing production issues in shrimp farming, part 2

Effective implementation of biosecurity protocols in shrimp farming requires awareness, discipline and a commitment by farm owners to implement them. The authors take a close look at intensive nurseries and how to exclude pathogens, predators and competitors. 


What happens to feed in aquaculture systems?

Aquaculture systems should be operated with attention to reducing the environmental waste load, which requires the use of high-quality feeds, prevention of overfeeding and maintenance of good water quality. 

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Understanding the oxygen demand of aquafeeds

Manufactured aquafeeds, if improperly managed, can result in undesirable oxygen demand that can reduce dissolved oxygen levels and pollution through effluents, and stress cultured animals. 


¿Puede la maricultura sostenible igualar la producción de la agricultura?

La producción mundial de la maricultura sostenible, desarrollada en una escala masiva y sostenible y utilizando sólo una pequeña fracción de las zonas oceánicas del mundo, podría eventualmente igualar la producción agrícola con base en tierra. La escala y consideraciones 


Can sustainable mariculture match agriculture’s output?

Global, sustainable mariculture production, developed on a massive, sustainable scale and using just a small fraction of the world’s oceanic areas, could eventually match the output of land-based agriculture production. Scale and international law considerations require the involvement of many 


Sistemas de biofloc viables para producción de tilapia

Los sistemas de tecnología de biofloc bien diseñados y gestionados son una alternativa viable para la producción de diversas especies como la tilapia, para aumentar la eficiencia de los alimentos mediante la reducción de las necesidades de proteínas de alimentos 


Biofloc systems viable for tilapia production

Well-designed and managed biofloc technology systems are a viable alternative for production of various species like tilapia, to increase feed efficiency by lowering aquafeed protein requirements and to help reduce or eliminate effluent discharges.