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GOAL 2017: Global shrimp production review and forecast

The GOAL 2017 production survey for global shrimp farming production showed a minor recovery for 2016, with production expected to strengthen through 2019, when global farmed production should reach 4.82 million metric tons (MMT), barring major shrimp disease issues. 

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Construyendo un mejor pre-criadero de camarones, parte 1

Los sistemas de pre-criadero de camarones ofrecen una oportunidad importante para aumentar los beneficios. Los pre-criaderos adecuadamente diseñados y operados son instalaciones altamente bioseguras para criar postlarvas a densidades muy altas. El objetivo es producir juveniles fuertes, sanos y uniformes 

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Building a better shrimp nursery, part 1

Shrimp nursery systems offer an important opportunity to increase profits. Properly designed and operated nurseries are highly biosecure facilities to grow postlarvae at very high densities. 

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Cuatro cepas de AHPND identificadas en granjas de camarón de América Latina

Se conocen dos genes de virulencia que codifican una toxina binaria de Photorhabdus relacionada con insectos que causa la enfermedad de necrosis hepatopancreática aguda en camarones. Las patogenicidades de estas cepas de V. campbellii fueron evaluadas mediante infección de laboratorio 

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Four AHPND strains identified on Latin American shrimp farms

Two virulence genes are known to encode a binary photorhabdus insect-related toxin that causes acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease in shrimp. The pathogenicities of these V. campbellii strains were evaluated through laboratory infection and subsequent histological examination in P. vannamei shrimp. 


Global shrimp survey: GOAL 2016

The GOAL 2016 global shrimp production survey showed a strong rebound in 2014 (up 10 percent to 4.18 MMT), followed by a decline in 2015 (down 5.4 percent) and another recovery forecast for the next three years. Global production is expected to 

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Aquaculture disease experts to download at GOAL 2016

At this year’s GOAL conference in Guangzhou, China, leading animal welfare and aquatic animal disease experts will share knowledge about how producers can gird their operations. EMS, EHP, streptococcosis and sea lice will be addressed, as will the latest in 


Responsible Aquaculture Foundation offers multilingual knowledge online

The nonprofit organization established by the leaders of the Global Aquaculture Alliance is answering the growing need for targeted aquaculture training. Its newly unveiled global online education platform will enable the further development of a sustainable global aquaculture industry.