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Eugenio Bortone


Análisis de la hidro-estabilidad de los alimentos de camarón

La integridad física y la lixiviación de nutrientes de los alimentos acuícolas para camarón son aspectos importantes en su control de calidad. La estabilidad en el agua de los alimentos de camarón se evalúa a menudo de diversas maneras subjetivas. 

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Analyzing the hydrostability of shrimp feeds

The physical integrity and nutrient leaching of shrimp aquafeeds are important aspects in their quality control. The water stability of shrimp aquafeeds is often evaluated in various subjective manners. This analytical procedure provides a baseline for the aquafeed manufacturer to 


Mixing Cost Center is at the heart of feed manufacturing

Ingredients that are properly proportioned and mixed for an adequate mixing time are very important to assure the manufacturing of aquafeeds that meet the standards for the shrimp species and life stage for which the formula was designed. 


Optimizing crucial cost centers for shrimp feed manufacturing

Assuring that aquafeed ingredients are processed properly into a high-quality product requires monitoring each manufacturing process through the proper in-line quality assurance, to produce a consistent quality continuously. 


Alimentos para camarón dependen de una molienda adecuada de sus ingredientes

Los tamaños adecuados de las partículas de ingredientes de alimentos acuícolas son establecidos por los requerimientos nutricionales de las especies objetivo y por el proceso de fabricación de alimentos utilizado. Para los tamaños adecuados de partículas de ingredientes, varias características 


Shrimp feeds depend on proper ingredient grinding

The proper feed particle sizes of aquafeed ingredients are established by the nutritional requirements of the species targeted and by the feed manufacturing process used. For proper ingredient particle sizes, various characteristics are very important, including particle size distribution and 


A look at the SME controlled extrusion process

A study was conducted using a Twin-Screw Extruder equipped with Specific Mechanical Energy (SME) and Density Control valves, to determine the effect of SME on the water stability of shrimp feeds. Further research is needed to evaluate the performance. 


Twin screw technology for better extruded feeds

Extrusion processing can be a better alternative to produce high quality-low- polluting shrimp feeds. Extruded pellets with high water stability can be produced by controlling the Specific Mechanical Energy (SME) and without the inclusion of artificial binders. New extruders are