News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

farmed fish


There’s more than one way to grow tilapia  

Tilapia aquaculture has expanded significantly in the last 30 years. Production systems range from extensive, low-density and low-technology in small earthen ponds, to semi-intensive systems in larger ponds, to recirculating systems with high densities.   


Comparing nutritional values of wild and farmed whitefish

A study assessed the nutritional value of farmed vs. wild white-fleshed fishes using hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass and bluegill. Results showed that farmed, white-fleshed fish are as nutritionally valuable – and in some cases, more so – than wild 

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Networking and defending farmed fish at Seafood 1on1

At the match-making event presented by FirstSource Events pairing seafood buyers with suppliers in a low-key setting, the conversations were mainly about how to sell more seafood, driven by sustainability, convenience and positive messages about aquaculture. 


Selling farmed fish in a wild market

Effective marketing of farmed seafood faces a number of hurdles not found in other industries. Many consumers have preconceived notions that farmed fish cannot taste good and comes from an environment not conducive to producing high-quality, flavorful food.