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The proper management of commercial shrimp feeds, part 2

Effective aquafeed management methods are critical for efficient production of farmed shrimp, and to minimize environmental impact. In the second part of his series, Editor Emeritus Darryl Jory looks at shrimp feed management in terms of application, distribution, frequency, calculations 

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Feed tray management lowers FCRs, shrimp production costs in Australia

Shrimp farmers in Australia believe that applying smaller amounts of feed regularly is an effective strategy for maximizing feed conversion in ponds. By providing more time for shrimp to rest between eating cycles, consistently lower FCRs have been achieved. 


Feed trays: The good, the bad, the ugly

Feed trays are typically used to avoid overfeeding in aquaculture production systems. They are sometimes used to deliver 100 percent of the feed that is fed, and other times a small number of trays are used as a guide to 


Automatic feeding in shrimp aquaculture

Controlled by timers, automatic feeders should be placed in deeper areas of ponds and away from aerators. Overfeeding is rare during automatic feeding, and pond bottom quality is maintained through grow-out cycles. 


Feed trays or broadcasting?

At higher stocking densities, the application of all feed via feed trays often results in feed being dropped outside and/or underneath the trays.