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freshwater prawn

Innovation & Investment

Experimental aquaponics system in Costa Rica

This study evaluated the performance and production of channel catfish and freshwater prawns and three varieties of lettuce – American, Romaine and Rose – in a research aquaponics system. 

Health & Welfare

Freshwater prawn farming in Brazil

At present, Macrobrachium rosenbergii is the only shrimp species commercially farmed in Brazil. Most freshwater prawn farms are small, and prawn culture is often a secondary farming activity. 

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Freshwater prawn farming in Thailand

While the industry faces issues, freshwater prawn farming in Thailand offers a lucrative alternative to other forms of farming on small farms. 


Freshwater prawn feed management

Scale of operation and production rates dictate freshwater prawn feed management. Although labor-intensive, monitoring consumption with feed trays increases efficiency. 


Freshwater prawn farming in Brazil

Freshwater prawns are farmed in almost all states in Brazil, although the industry is concentrated in the southeast region, mainly the state of Espirito Santo. 

Health & Welfare

Freshwater prawn culture in India

The giant freshwater prawn and the riverine prawn are cultured in India, where the per-capita intake of meat and milk is poor. Fish and prawns play a vital role people’s diets.