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freshwater prawns

Innovation & Investment

Global Aquaculture Innovation Award finalist: VakSea

An orally administered vaccine product holds great promise for aquaculture, and Maryland-based startup VakSea is on the cusp of providing one. Sensing a major opportunity, the company’s focus has pivoted to shrimp. 


Culture of giant freshwater prawns in China

Farming of giant freshwater prawns is very popular in China. The Yangtze River Delta region produces more than 60 percent of the country's output. Production increases have resulted from a novel system that involves greenhouses that allow ponds to be 

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Shrimp out of water: Shipping live shrimp in waterless conditions

Live markets represent a promising niche in regions where locally raised seafood cannot compete with inexpensive imports. Study results suggested regional shrimp producers could effectively reach premium markets by shipping using waterless methods. 


Post-harvest quality of freshwater prawns, part 2

Freshwater shrimp can contain pathogenic bacteria that cause illness unless care is exercised by producers, retailers and consumers. Many of the human pathogens can survive frozen storage, but are killed or inactivated by thermal processes.