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Assessing groundwater quality in aquaculture

Those interested in using groundwater for aquaculture should perform a thorough chemical analysis of the water. Several problems related to groundwater use in hatcheries and holding or transport vessels can be alleviated by degassing or aeration. 

Health & Welfare

Shrimp study uses low-salinity groundwater in Sonora, Mexico

Trial demonstrated that inland shrimp farming with Pacific white shrimp in Sonora, Mexico, is a viable alternative for the use of groundwater where agriculture has been eliminated by the salinity in the aquifers. 

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Groundwater and wells

Groundwater from wells is sometimes used to supply hatcheries and ponds. The potential water supply via wells is defined largely by geology. 


Land and water use issues in aquaculture

It behooves us to understand land and water use issues and understand the differences between aquaculture and traditional agriculture.