News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Adding value to tilapia to tap into U.S. market

New markets for tilapia and expansion of existing ones can be created by planning and implementing properly designed geographic strategies to meet discriminating consumer preferences. Low labor costs in most producing countries promotes value-adding by the production of fresh fillets. 


Decisiones críticas para la cosecha y empaque de camarón, Parte 2

La decisión de cosechar implica la consideración de diversos factores, incluyendo los precios de mercado, la necesidad de los clientes, la biomasa y la condición de los animales, y otros. Varios pasos están involucrados, la mayoría dirigidos a mantener la 

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Critical decisions for shrimp harvesting and packing, Part 2

The decision to harvest involves consideration of various factors, including market prices, customers’ need, biomass and condition of the animals and others. Several steps are involved, most aimed at maintaining maximum quality of the animals as they are harvested, sacrificed, 


Critical decisions for shrimp harvesting and packing, Part 1

Harvesting a crop of shrimp is a critical step for any shrimp farming venture. Several months of efforts and resources to properly raise a quality crop have already been invested, and this quality must be preserved. The decision to harvest 

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U.S. field trials show promise for mullet farming in polyculture

Field trails in Alabama, USA, demonstrated the potential of raising striped mullet with Pacific white shrimp in inland ponds. Using wild-caught fingerlings at low density, the trials found the same survival rates as for mullet and shrimp grown separately. 


Oyster culture in recirculating systems

Environmental and other challenges have led to reduced harvests of wild oysters in the United States. In a study, the authors evaluated oysters cultured in a recirculating aquaculture system with zero water exchange for several months. 

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Shrimp farm quality management in Bangladesh

Bangladesh shrimp farmers are adopting measures to improve quality to comply with international standards. A survey found that most farmers visually evaluated shrimp by checking size, weight and signs of disease before harvesting. 

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PPI: New metric for measuring productivity, predicting profitability

A proposed new metric, the production productivity index, or PPI, reports daily production for shrimp postlarvae. The new metric converts production data into relative terms, allowing meaningful comparisons across farms and individual ponds regardless of production days, pond size or