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Con los productos de mar, la salud está definitivamente en el menú

Las encuestas muestran que los alimentos frescos y saludables, con ingredientes percibidos como naturales, son clave para las generaciones más jóvenes. Esto representa una oportunidad de aumentar el consumo de productos de mar entre los consumidores más jóvenes y mejor 

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With seafood, health is definitely on the menu

Surveys show that fresh and healthful food, with ingredients perceived to be natural, is key for younger generations. This represents opportunity to grow seafood consumption among younger, better-informed consumers, but also a challenge to enhance sustainability. 


New year wishes for health and seafood

To help increase seafood consumption and gain recognition for the many health benefits of seafood, the author identified three wishes for 2014. Change the risk profile of seafood to defuse the sensationalized status of mercury. Professionalize the capability of the 


Increasing seafood consumption, from strategy to action

Despite global strategies and political declarations that strive to support healthy diets with increased seafood consumption and regular physical activity, the world is seeing a rapid upsurge in obesity and under-nutrition, particularly in urban settings. 


Governments and seafood consumption, part 2

Campaigns and promotions on seafood consumption are proving successful in countries around the world. Many of them involve governments working with industry and other institutions to clearly communicate the benefits of seafood. 


Governments and seafood consumption, part 1

International groups agree that nations worldwide should better assess and manage the risks and benefits of fish consumption and more effectively communicate them to their citizens. 


Czeching seafood consumption

The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s largest fish producers and the world’s fourth-largest producer of freshwater ornamental and aquarium fish. 


Seafood in Korea

Korea has always had a love for seafood. Aquaculture is now playing an increasing role in supplying that seafood. High consumption of fish has been associated with a lower risk of metabolic syndrome in men, but not women. 


Salmon’s position among European consumers

In a survey, 500 consumers from the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany and Sweden rated salmon second overall to chicken and ahead of pork and beef. Salmon scored high in all countries for healthiness.