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Cultivo de tilapia roja en raceway en estanque

Este proyecto de demostración con la tecnología del sistema de raceway en estanque en una granja comercial de tilapia roja en Honduras mostró el potencial para aumentar la producción sin recambio de agua. 


In-pond raceway culture of red tilapia

This demonstration project featuring in-pond raceway system technology in one raceway at a commercial red tilapia farm in Honduras showed the potential for increasing production with no water exchange. 

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Health & Welfare

Multi-phase shrimp production in sun-driven Honduran ponds

Honduras-based Grupo Granjas Marinas believes that large-scale production of rotifers and copepods and sequential pond inoculations, in combination with short shrimp growth cycles can significantly increase shrimp production while reducing dependency on other sources of protein in feeds. 


Tilapia farming in Honduras

Tilapia farming in Honduras began with the Special Tilapia Project farm, the first tilapia farm producing exclusively to supply the export market.