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Health & Welfare

Reduced growth performance of black tiger shrimp infected with IHHNV

This study simulated the commercial grow-out of two cohorts of P. monodon that differed in their broodstock IHHNV infection loads, and showed that the viral prevalence, survival and growth performance of pond progeny were significantly affected. 

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Health & Welfare

A study of Zoea-2 Syndrome in hatcheries in India, part 2

Indian shrimp hatcheries have experienced larval mortality in the zoea-2 stage, with molt deterioration and resulting in heavy mortality. Authors considered biotic and abiotic factors. Part 2 describes results of their study. 

Health & Welfare

Selection for disease resistance in Indian white shrimp

A new breeding program for genetic improvement of Indian white shrimp (Fenneropenaeus indicus) in Egypt was established at a private shrimp farm at AL Dibah Triangle Zone (DTZ) to develop disease-resistant shrimp for the country’s aquaculture industry. 

Health & Welfare

Measuring susceptibility differences to IHHNV infection

This study evaluated the susceptibility to IHHNV in three different shrimp batches by measuring infectivity titers. Each batch showed a different infectivity titer, therefore, each batch had a specific susceptibility to IHHNV. 

Health & Welfare

Genomic IHHN-related DNA sequences in black tiger shrimp

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing demonstrated that Penaeus monodon offspring derived from founder shrimp collected from the Indo-Pacific region had genomic infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis-related DNA sequences that reacted with OIE-listed IHHN virus diagnostic primers.