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Health & Welfare

A study of Zoea-2 Syndrome in hatcheries in India, part 2

Indian shrimp hatcheries have experienced larval mortality in the zoea-2 stage, with molt deterioration and resulting in heavy mortality. Authors considered biotic and abiotic factors. Part 2 describes results of their study. 


A look at various intensive shrimp farming systems in Asia

The impact of diseases led some Asian shrimp farming countries to develop biofloc and recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) production technologies. Treating incoming water for culture operations and wastewater treatment are biosecurity measures for disease prevention and control. 

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Health & Welfare

Southern brown shrimp found susceptible to IMNV

To overcome Infectious Myonecrosis Virus-related mortalities in cultured white shrimp, some Brazilian shrimp farmers tested the southern brown shrimp in grow-out ponds.