News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Health & Welfare

Selection for disease resistance in Indian white shrimp

A new breeding program for genetic improvement of Indian white shrimp (Fenneropenaeus indicus) in Egypt was established at a private shrimp farm at AL Dibah Triangle Zone (DTZ) to develop disease-resistant shrimp for the country’s aquaculture industry. 

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Health & Welfare

‘Big picture’ connects shrimp disease, inbreeding

Disease problems on shrimp farms may be partly driven by an interaction between management practices that cause inbreeding in small hatcheries and the amplification by inbreeding of susceptibility to disease and environmental stresses. 

Health & Welfare

Inbreeding cuts growth, reproduction in shrimp

Shrimp-breeding programs release only a small fraction of their genetic material when they sell seed to clients for grow-out. This protects their large investment in developing the stocks so clients return for their next batch of seed instead of breeding 

Health & Welfare

China’s tilapia germplasm: Chance and challenge

China’s expansive tilapia culture industry is based on exotic species introduced continuously since 1956. Technical advances for improving the limited germplasm are expected to aid the industry.