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indoor aquaculture


The indoor farmed shrimp business: fascinating, frustrating

Throughout the United States, a handful of aquaculture entrepreneurs are farming shrimp in indoor facilities. Selling their product is not the problem – securing funds to grow to commercial scale is. Start-ups and established farms share their tales of trial 


Walleye and saugeye growing successfully indoors

Past and ongoing studies at the UWSP Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility (UWSP-NADF) have shown that walleye and hybrid walleye can be successfully raised indoors using early advanced spawning, incubation and rearing techniques. Marketing studies indicate good aquaculture potential and high 


Indoor-raised shrimp find potential market in Kentucky test

By raising shrimp in a closed building, producers can increase biosecurity, produce shrimp more consistently, grow shrimp year-round and locate production centers near markets. Chefs and consumers were very accepting of whole fresh shrimp, offered at a farmers market, that