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James Wright

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Bill Herzig

The Global Aquaculture Alliance will honor seafood procurement expert Bill Herzig with a Lifetime Achievement Award during its annual GOAL conference. He talked to the Advocate about top-to-bottom commitment to sustainability and the ambitious lobster aquaculture project he spearheaded in 

Innovation & Investment

IDH aquaculture director challenges major foundations

A handful of deep-pocketed philanthropic foundations hold tremendous influence on marine conservation organizations and, by extension, the seafood supply chain. At GOAL, a Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative director will challenge them to engage with the aquaculture industry, not solely fisheries. 

Innovation & Investment

High-density shrimp producer wins innovation award

Camanor Produtos Marinhos Ltda. operates a land-based, multi-species concept for sustainable shrimp production called AquaScience. The Global Aquaculture Alliance has named Camanor the winner of its annual Aquaculture Innovation and Leadership award. Director Werner Jost discusses the process. 

Innovation & Investment

The lasting legacy of Bill and Betty More

The husband-and-wife team of Bill and Betty More has earned admiration and respect in many parts of the world for their many decades of work in aquaculture and sustainability certification. SIRF has established a living memorial in their name. 


Aquaculture Exchange: Michael Rubino, NOAA

Social license – a community’s acceptance and support of an industry’s presence – is a key factor in aquaculture’s growth prospects. It’s a major obstacle U.S. waters, in particular. Michael Rubino of NOAA Fisheries discusses the challenges. 


Aquaculture certification steers to zone management

Zone management is an emerging field of interest among industry stakeholders. Experts say it will aid in controlling diseases and in determining carrying capacities. We take a closer look at the management tool’s potential. 


Aquaculture Exchange: Jon Grant, Dalhousie University

The chairman of the NSERC-Cooke Industrial Research in Sustainable Aquaculture extols a comprehensive approach to aquaculture and other marine activities. Farm location and density, he says, have strong impacts on disease risk, waste dispersal and growth rates. 


Consumer survey explores farmed, wild seafood perceptions

What do shoppers really think about farmed and wild seafood? Commissioned by The Fishin’ Co. and the Global Aquaculture Alliance, an extensive survey conducted earlier this year sought to determine the key drivers in consumers’ seafood purchasing habits and their 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Steve Hart

China, the world’s largest producer of farmed fish, represents a huge opportunity for the Global Aquaculture Alliance and its Best Aquaculture Practices certification scheme. GAA’s Steve Hart talks about the inroads the organization has already made and how he can 


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