News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Jason Holland


A helping hand to lend: UK aquaculture seeks to broaden its horizons

Aquaculture is an essential contributor to the world food security challenge, and every stakeholder has a role to play in the sector’s evolution, delegates were told at the recent Aquaculture’s Global Outlook: Embracing Internationality seminar in Edinburgh, Scotland. 


Los Europeos necesitan una nueva narrativa de camarón

La cobertura de los medios de comunicación alimenta las percepciones negativas del camarón cultivado entre los europeos. Un documento – similar a uno sobre el consumo de pangasius hace cuatro años – encuentra que el sector está haciendo muy poco 


Europeans need a new shrimp narrative

Media coverage fuels negative perceptions of farmed shrimp among Europeans. A paper – similar to one on pangasius consumption four years ago – finds the sector is doing too little to rectify ill-founded notions. 


Bangladesh seeks more buck for its ‘bagda’

As more than 80 percent of Bangladeshi shrimp exports already go to EU markets, a consultation meeting involving buyers from the bloc and Bangladesh industry stakeholders and authorities was held at the end of last month in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 


Aquaculture has put the oysters back in Oyster Town

Whitstable Oyster Fishery Co. aims to safeguard the English town’s rich oyster tradition. Farming triploid oysters on racks in intertidal zones has made a "massive difference," says the company's managing director.