News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Jesse T. Trushenski

Health & Welfare

Long-chain PUFA requirements of juvenile California yellowtail

This study shows that soybean oil can totally replace fish oil in California yellowtail aquafeeds without affecting production performance and reducing the omega-3 fatty acid profile of fish tissues, as long as acceptable levels of ARA and DHA are provided. 

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Is a fish oil-free cobia feed possible?

The availability of a cost-effective grow-out feed formulation is an ongoing bottleneck for the expansion of cobia production. Studies by the authors show that the development of an aquafeed with limited or no fish oil content is possible. 


Gauging fatty acid composition in hybrid striped bass

A study assessed the growth performance and fillet fatty acid composition of juvenile hybrid striped bass that were fed various diets containing different levels of fish oil, soybean oil, and blends of both. Results suggest that alternative lipid composition influences 

Health & Welfare

Improving transportation of live hybrid striped bass

Anecdotal information has suggested that pond-reared hybrid striped bass are more vulnerable to transportation-related stressors than cage-reared fish. Study results suggested that accumulation of carbon dioxide and decreasing pH levels may contribute to this phenomenon. Agitation during simulated transport mitigated 

Health & Welfare

Feeding rate, frequency affect growth of juvenile Atlantic spadefish

The quality flesh and striking coloration of Atlantic spadefish suggest potential in both seafood and ornamental markets. To identify appropriate feeding rates and frequencies, the authors evaluated juvenile spadefish fed daily at varying regimens.