News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

John Davidson


Fishmeal-free Atlantic salmon feed formulation shows promise

A recent study evaluated the effects of a fishmeal-free diet on Atlantic salmon performance and fillet quality during successful growout to market-size in a commercial-scale, land-based, closed-containment system using water recirculation technology. Test fish performed well, with 97 percent survival 

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Emerging trends in salmonid RAS, part 2

Dozens of land-based, closed-containment salmonid RAS systems are coming on line. New projects are bringing new principles into the salmon industry. Industry expansion hinges upon the development of pollution-mitigating technologies to reduce nutrients in effluents. 

Health & Welfare

Emerging trends in salmonid RAS, part 1

The benefits realized by recirculating aquaculture systems – including enhanced fish growth, product quality and survival, as well as reduced treatment costs – have made the RAS approach an important production trend. 

Innovation & Investment

Optimizing depuration of salmon in RAS

A study to evaluated operating practices and system designs that could potentially enhance depuration of off-flavors from Atlantic salmon cultured in a semi-commercial-scale freshwater recirculating aquaculture system. 

Health & Welfare

Rainbow trout attain good growth, health in tank-based recirculating systems

Circular tank-based recirculating aquaculture systems can be used to effectively culture rainbow trout and other salmonids in a bio-secure and environmentally friendly manner that imposes a much lower water and wastewater footprint than traditional flow-through culture technologies.