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Comparing biofloc, clear-water and hybrid RAS systems as shrimp nurseries

This study compared three types of RAS nurseries for shrimp: biofloc (BF), clear-water (CW), and hybrid RAS (HY). Results showed that differences between treatments in terms of shrimp survival, mean harvest weight, specific growth rate, and feed conversion ratio were 

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Examining energy use in shrimp farming

While intensive shrimp farms in Australia and elsewhere are sensitive to rising energy prices, global intensification and farming innovations have led to significant improvements in shrimp farm energy efficiency. Important among the changes was the global switch to zero-exchange production 

Health & Welfare

Genetic improvement programs for shrimp vary between Asia, Americas

There is a clear difference between the shrimp postlarvae traits that are economically important in Central and South America versus those of Asia, creating a challenge for breeders to satisfy the somewhat opposing breeding goals the regions demand. 

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History of shrimp farming

The Shrimp Book, published in 2010, brings together experts from around the world to fill the critical need for a central reference source on the state of shrimp production practices.