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L. vannamei


White shrimp study compares commercial feed attractants

A recent study in Brazil tested the efficacy of nine commercial feed attractants for Litopenaeus vannamei. Condensed fish-soluble protein, an amino acid complex with digested bivalve mollusk, and whole squid protein hydrolysate stimulated the highest feeding responses. 


Microbial flocs spare protein in white shrimp diets

The authors conducted a study to determine how reducing the protein content of a diet would affect the growth performance of L. vannamei reared in an experimental microbial floc culture system. 


Paradigm shifts in shrimp farming

In the evolution of shrimp farming, white shrimp emerged as the primary species. While some farms in the Americas successfully converted to intensive practices, wide adoption has been limited. 


Indian farmers consider white shrimp

India farmers are considering ways to boost production. If approved on a wider basis, production of Pacific white shrimp could boost overall yields. 


Tips for growing bigger shrimp

Research at the Oceanic Institute found that white shrimp grown in a raceway at high density could reach 34-grams in 155 days with minimal water use.