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largemouth bass


Largemouth bass responses to supplemental EPA, DHA

This 10-week feeding trial aimed at complementing existing information on largemouth bass responses to oils with supplemental EPA and DHA. Dietary supplementation of these essential fatty acids may be required in feeds for this species. 

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Comparing nutritional values of wild and farmed whitefish

A study assessed the nutritional value of farmed vs. wild white-fleshed fishes using hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass and bluegill. Results showed that farmed, white-fleshed fish are as nutritionally valuable – and in some cases, more so – than wild 

Innovation & Investment

GOAL 2016 preview: IPA technology catching on in China

Intensive pond aquaculture (IPA) technology, a floating, in-pond raceway system developed in the United States, is being adopted fast in China, just three years after its introduction, says Jim Zhang, aquaculture program manager for USSEC-China.  

Health & Welfare

Biomass density affects bass production

The production period for largemouth bass in ponds hampers the economic feasibility of pond culture in the United States. A study demonstrated that bass fingerlings could be raised at high densities in a semi-closed recirculating system without serious mortality, size