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Lars-Flemming Pedersen

Innovation & Investment

Tratamiento electroquímico del agua de RAS

Estudio evalúa la oxidación electroquímica como un medio para mejorar la calidad del agua en los sistemas RAS y muestra que es posible eliminar el nitrógeno amoniacal total. 

Innovation & Investment

Electrochemical treatment of RAS water

Study evaluates electrochemical oxidation as a means to improve water quality in RAS systems and shows it’s possible to remove total ammonia nitrogen. 

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Microbial activity assessment based on hydrogen peroxide decomposition rates

Fast, easy, reliable method offers great potential for all aquaculture systems There is a widespread need for cultivation-free methods to quantify the viability of microbial communities in aquatic environments. This demand also exists within the aquaculture industry, where rapid and 

Health & Welfare

Linking water treatment practices and fish welfare

Quantification of fish behavior is complex and depends on the experimental setup and biomarkers applied. A simple method was tested to quantify locomotor behavior to evaluate the effects of simulated water treatment scenarios using peracetic acid.