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Lauren Kramer

Innovation & Investment

Aplicación de recolección de datos acuícolas proporciona cobertura en la nube

Aquanetix, lanzada por dos biólogos especializados en peces, usa tecnología en la nube para recolectar datos electrónicos, permitiéndole a los productores monitorear su infraestructura, minimizar las pérdidas de alimento y tomar decisiones operativas de negocio informadas en tiempo real sobre 


Aquaculture’s solid opportunity on The Rock

As aquaculture grows in Newfoundland, the socioeconomic future of this Canadian province with a population of 500,000 takes flight with it. It's a welcome development, after a two-decade slump due in part to the downturn of North Atlantic groundfish stocks. 


In Canada, salmon farmers building social license with First Nations

After some rocky times, ties between B.C. salmon farmers and First Nations, have improved in recent years. Band members report consistent employment, royalties and improved quality of life. “We need aquaculture around,” says one fishing company owner.