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Soy trials replace fishmeal in grouper feeds

Although groupers present desirable traits as an aquaculture species, the high cost of feed for the carnivorous fish limits expansion of grouper culture. The author performed two trials to evaluate the performance of tiger grouper juveniles fed soybean meal-based feeds. 

Health & Welfare

New-generation diets omit rotifer enrichment, improve water quality

An innovative new diet supports the mass culture of rotifers at the same time it transforms their nutritional composition to meet the requirements of first-feeding fish larvae. As in nature, the diet is based on a mixture of algae-based nutrients 


Alternative lipids spare fish oil in rainbow trout feeds

Alternative lipids have achieved varied success in ensuring adequate growth and fatty acid composition in fillets. The authors evaluated rainbow trout raised on diets containing fish oil or a blend of fish and standard or modified lipids varying in fatty