News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Innovation & Investment

UK lobster-farming project breaks new ground

A project to grow lobsters in the open sea is giving researchers hope that the technology behind stock enhancement could be improved and that lobster farming could provide new prospects for diversification and employment. 

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Innovation & Investment

Pilot lobster production facility in Iceland used geothermal groundwater

Following earlier work in southwestern Norway that achieved semi-commercial production of European lobsters, a project has received grant support to develop commercialized land-based recirculating aquaculture of lobsters utilizing geothermal water sources in Iceland. 

Health & Welfare

Lobster farming in Indonesia

A multinational project in Lombok, Indonesia, is focused on the identification and monitoring of improved seed collection and grow-out production methods for spiny lobsters. 


Lobster aquaculture in eastern Indonesia, part 2

Although lobster farming is already established in Indonesia, improvements in feed and nutrition, and seed collection would help the industry expand. The diet of trash fish fed to developing lobsters generates waste and is not conducive to good hygiene or 


Lobster aquaculture in eastern Indonesia, part 1

Lobster cage culture has great potential in Indonesia. The current industry consists of about 1,000 small-scale farm units, many of which raise lobsters in polyculture with seaweed and grouper.