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Luis Fernando Aranguren

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Síndrome de Heces Blancas en Camarones: ¿Predictor de EHP?

Un estudio demuestra una fuerte asociación entre el Síndrome de las Heces Blancas y Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei en regiones endémicas de EHP. Las estrategias de bioseguridad pueden minimizar el riesgo de propagación de patógenos en las Américas. 

Health & Welfare

White Feces Syndrome in shrimp: Predictor of EHP?

Study demonstrates strong association between White Feces Syndrome and Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei in EHP-endemic regions. Biosecurity strategies can minimize the risk of pathogen’s spread in the Americas. 

Health & Welfare

Saudi Arabia developing effective farmed shrimp biosecurity strategy

Biosecurity strategies adopted by the shrimp industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have resulted in historical production in 2015 and a similar forecast for 2016, and are a significant step towards the long-term goal of sustainable aquaculture. 

Health & Welfare

Study: TSV exposure may lessen YHV effects in white shrimp

Since Taura syndrome virus was in the Americas when yellow head virus become pandemic in Asia, it is possible TSV prevented shrimp in the Western Hemisphere from infection by materials from Asia containing YHV. To test this idea, the authors