News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Luke A. Roy


Commercial implementation of in-pond raceway system

An in-pond raceway system in Alabama was utilized to supply various niche markets, including Asian grocery store chains that desired fresh live fish, recreational pond stocking businesses, private pond owners and fee fishing operations. In many cases, a higher price 

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Health & Welfare

Biomass density affects bass production

The production period for largemouth bass in ponds hampers the economic feasibility of pond culture in the United States. A study demonstrated that bass fingerlings could be raised at high densities in a semi-closed recirculating system without serious mortality, size 

Health & Welfare

Chemical treatment costs reduced with in-pond raceway systems

By dividing ponds into smaller, more controllable areas, IPRS can substantially reduce chemical treatment costs, improve treatment delivery and allow new treatments that are cost-prohibitive in traditional pond settings. 

Health & Welfare

U.S. field trials show promise for mullet farming in polyculture

Field trails in Alabama, USA, demonstrated the potential of raising striped mullet with Pacific white shrimp in inland ponds. Using wild-caught fingerlings at low density, the trials found the same survival rates as for mullet and shrimp grown separately.