News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

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Soy trials replace fishmeal in grouper feeds

Although groupers present desirable traits as an aquaculture species, the high cost of feed for the carnivorous fish limits expansion of grouper culture. The author performed two trials to evaluate the performance of tiger grouper juveniles fed soybean meal-based feeds. 

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Innovation & Investment

Colombia to diversify its aquaculture industry through marine fish culture

A collaboration among the Center for Aquaculture Research in Colombia, Center for Research, Education and Recreation, and University of Miami is working to adapt the latest aquaculture technology available worldwide to local conditions and create opportunities for farming new commercial 


Bahamas venture focuses on grouper, other high-value marine fish

A new venture under development in the Bahamas will capitalize on Tropic Seafood’s established logistics and infrastructure to diversify its operations from processing and selling wild fisheries products to include the culture of grouper and other marine fish. 

Health & Welfare

Taurine: Critical supplement for marine fish feed

Taurine may not only improve growth and performance, but also is required to reduce nutritional diseases such as green liver disease and low hematocrit levels in some fish. 


Amino acid requirements in developing marine fish

Most marine fish have pelagic eggs with large pools of free amino acids of fairly constant proportion regardless of species. The amino acids provide energy for metabolism and are an important nutritional asset for growing embryos. 


Marine fish culture in Brazil

Marine fish farming in Brazil appears promising. A new cobia research network will support industry growth through standardization, development of technology and training.