News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Market bottlenecks for small-scale aquaculture

Due to their limited scale, small-scale aquaculture producers largely have to accommodate the conditions imposed by the following links in the value chain in terms of prices and quality standards. 


Fresh salmon product demand, competition in Europe

Salmon production has long been dominated by Norway, while the United States, Canada and United Kingdom have experienced slow expansion in recent years, and Chile saw a fall and rebound in volume. Norwegian product leads fresh salmon imports in European 

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Health & Welfare

Tilapia aquaculture in China

Sustainable development of China's tilapia industry depends largely on the market prices of products, disease control, climate and seed availability. 

Health & Welfare

Industry expansion continues for pangasius

With a range of positive attributes, pangasius has become one of the largest aquaculture commodity products in the world. The fast-growing fish resist low dissolved oxygen at high stocking densities and require little fishmeal in diets. 


Integrated fish-seaweed culture systems

The use of integrated mariculture systems incorporating seaweed biofilters addresses the impact of discharges, promoting more sustainable production.