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Martin Perez-Velazquez


Endangered totoaba has aquaculture potential in Mexico

Totoaba, a large, fast-growing fish of the Gulf of California, became endangered due to overfishing. The Mexican government therefore created an aquaculture program in Baja California to support restocking for the recovery of wild totoaba stocks. 

Health & Welfare

Salinity tolerance of Gulf corvina, prospective aquaculture species

After six weeks of experimental culture, comparable growth and survival were recorded in juvenile Gulf corvina raised at salinities of 5, 15, 25 or 35 ppt. Coupled with stable plasma osmolality values observed in fish at the varied salinities, these 

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Studies identify aquaculture potential for Cortez flounders

Preliminary studies at the University of Sonora showed that wild Cortez flounders readily adapted to captivity and accepted dry feeds. Results of this work encourage further investigations of its potential for aquaculture.