News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Health & Welfare

Near-infrared spectrometers determine stage maturity in channel catfish

This study evaluated the feasibility of a portable, hand-held micro near-infrared spectrometer to objectively determine the stage of maturity in channel catfish. Such a rapid, non-invasive method to stage fish maturity in hatcheries would improve the efficiency of hatchery production. 


Assessing culture potential of red emperor snapper in New Caledonia

The red emperor snapper, known as “pouatte” in New Caledonia, is valuable throughout its broad geographic range and a highly valued food fish locally. Declining wild catches and market demand have provided the incentive to carry out technical feasibility studies 

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Native shrimp cultured in Cameroon

A cooperative project established to study the small-scale culture of the native shrimp Farfantepenaeus notialis in Cameroon aims to develop family- and community-level production in the region. 

Health & Welfare

Pike perch in recirculation aquaculture

Although pike perch aquaculture is growing, it still relies on wild breeders, whose spawning is induced by hormone treatment or manipulation of photoperiod and rearing temperature. 

Health & Welfare

Temperature cycles induce early maturation in channel catfish

Research with channel catfish found that the induction of puberty is a developmental pro­cess that requires temperature cycles and is independent of body size. It may be possible to achieve early maturation in channel catfish in less than two years.