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Is the seafood story that complicated?

The United States Food and Drug Administration has updated its advice for pregnant women on mercury and seafood with greater emphasis on the benefits of eating fish. This is a positive story, but reporting on the new perspective muddied its 


New year wishes for health and seafood

To help increase seafood consumption and gain recognition for the many health benefits of seafood, the author identified three wishes for 2014. Change the risk profile of seafood to defuse the sensationalized status of mercury. Professionalize the capability of the 

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Cooperation across seafood chain can counter mercury reports

Often-referenced but outdated reports have raised concerns over mercury, while in reality, not eating seafood carries greater risk than the minute presence of such chemicals. Cooperation and getting out consistently truthful, positive messages about seafood, the industry will see positive 


Better to eat – farmed or wild salmon?

There is a widely promoted misconception that eating wild-caught fish is better for the oceans than eating farmed seafood. On a global basis, however, sustainably farmed fish may represent 60 times more efficient use of anchovies and other baitfish resources 

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The truth about selenium

Selenium in ocean fish is essential for human immune function and required for vital tissues like brain and hormone-producing organs. The trace element also can counter some of the impacts of methylmercury in fish.