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Health & Welfare

‘Big picture’ connects shrimp disease, inbreeding

Disease problems on shrimp farms may be partly driven by an interaction between management practices that cause inbreeding in small hatcheries and the amplification by inbreeding of susceptibility to disease and environmental stresses. 

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EMS impacts: Disease shifts shrimp supplies, prices, future production

Early mortality syndrome (EMS) has led to reduced production in major Asian shrimp-farming areas and resulted in higher prices for shrimp. The situation provides opportunities for low-intensity producers in Latin America and other traditionally secondary shrimp producers to expand output 


Lobster aquaculture in eastern Indonesia, part 2

Although lobster farming is already established in Indonesia, improvements in feed and nutrition, and seed collection would help the industry expand. The diet of trash fish fed to developing lobsters generates waste and is not conducive to good hygiene or