News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Nicki Holmyard

Innovation & Investment

New Grimsby aquaculture center to adopt a global view

The National Aquaculture Center will be established at the Humber Seafood Institute in the seafood-processing town of Grimsby to help contribute to food security and nutrition through a wide range of activities. 


As sturgeon farming grows, demand concerns emerge

Caviar, or lightly salted sturgeon roe, has been enjoyed for centuries as an expensive gourmet delicacy. After a drastic decline in wild sturgeon stocks, aquaculture stepped in to fill the void. But can farmed supply find lasting balance with market 

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Can aquaculture flourish in a more symbiotic sea?

The 18-month Maribe project has uncovered some promising ideas for promoting growth and jobs within the blue economy. Aquaculture, fingered as one of five key areas for growth, could benefit from collaboration with renewable energies. 

Health & Welfare

Time to play: Farmed fish respond to environment enrichment

Animal welfare on fish farms encompasses health, diet, water quality, husbandry, handling and slaughter. Add environment enrichment to the list, like a Scottish salmon company, which keeps its fish healthy by keeping them busy.