News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Nigel Preston

Innovation & Investment

Cooperation grows Australian aquaculture

Expansion of the Bribie Island Research Centre allows agencies to tackle multidisciplinary research tasks to help the Australian aquaculture industry. 

Health & Welfare

Black tiger shrimp domestication advances

The production of early generations of domesticated broodstock in open-environment ponds may have hampered the domestication of black tiger shrimp. 

Health & Welfare

DNA fingerprinting: System for black tiger shrimp

Molecular markers can allow on-farm selection of high-performance families without the need to use costly alternatives such as separate rearing of families/ groups of families or tagging animals. 

Health & Welfare

Shrimp breeding in Australia

Experiences with newly domesticated shrimp species in Australia underscore the importance of understanding the species' biological requirements. 

Health & Welfare

Linking mapping for Kuruma prawns

Domestication and genetic improvement of the Kuruma prawn (Penaeus japonicus) have been relatively slow due to availability of broodstock and postlarvae.