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Health & Welfare

Comparing biofloc, clear-water and hybrid RAS systems as shrimp nurseries

This study compared three types of RAS nurseries for shrimp: biofloc (BF), clear-water (CW), and hybrid RAS (HY). Results showed that differences between treatments in terms of shrimp survival, mean harvest weight, specific growth rate, and feed conversion ratio were 


Shrimp farming industry in Ecuador, part 2

In this second of two parts, the author describes a public-private competitive improvement plan and how technology and new tools improved shrimp production in Ecuador. 

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Health & Welfare

Ongoing production issues in shrimp farming, part 2

Effective implementation of biosecurity protocols in shrimp farming requires awareness, discipline and a commitment by farm owners to implement them. The authors take a close look at intensive nurseries and how to exclude pathogens, predators and competitors. 


Podemos crecer un mejor camarón, y de mejores maneras

El reciente Simposio Centroamericano de Acuicultura en Choluteca, Honduras, reunió a más de 600 participantes para discutir temas de la industria y sus perspectivas. La atención se centró en enfermedades del camarón y sus impactos en la producción, así como