News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Health & Welfare

Live feed enrichment with probiotics

Probiotics can provide needed micronutrients that prime immune responses in larval fish, thus increasing their survival in culture. Probiotic dosing can be applied via immersion, microcosm approaches and enrichment of live and formulated feeds. 

Health & Welfare

A case for better shrimp nutrition

Shrimp farm performance can often be below realistic production standards. Use proven nutrition, feeds and feeding techniques to improve profitability. 


Lobster aquaculture in eastern Indonesia, part 2

Although lobster farming is already established in Indonesia, improvements in feed and nutrition, and seed collection would help the industry expand. The diet of trash fish fed to developing lobsters generates waste and is not conducive to good hygiene or 

Health & Welfare

Spiny lobster aquaculture

Spiny lobsters have a long, complex life cycle. Growing them through larval stages is a particular challenge. Spiny lobster culture is currently centered in Vietnam, where the industry depends on wild-caught animals for stocking and trash fish for feeding. 

Health & Welfare

How to prepare and interpret blood smears

A significant part of any hematological evaluation of fish is the preparation, microscopic examination and interpretation of stained blood smears.