News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Consideraciones para ingredientes alternativos en alimentos acuícolas

Una clave para expandir la acuacultura es encontrar fuentes alternativas de proteínas y aceites. La suplementación o sustitución de aceite de pescado en los alimentos acuícolas con fuentes alternativas de lípidos – semillas oleaginosas, microalgas, insectos y otros - parece 


Considerations for alternative ingredients in aquafeeds

A key to expanding aquaculture is finding alternative sources of proteins and oils. Supplementing or replacing fish oil in aquaculture feeds with alternative lipid sources – oils seeds, microalgae, insects and others – appears possible as long as essential fatty 

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Omega-6s and the threat to seafood’s healthy halo

Research shows farmed fish fed diets heavy on vegetable oils have higher amounts of omega-6s and lower amounts of omega-3s, compared to fish fed diets heavy on fish oil. We take a deep dive into the relationship between the two