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organic aquaculture


Lockwood: U.S. organic aquaculture standards need urgent action

Chair of Aquaculture Working Group advising the United States Department of Agriculture details the urgent need for organic aquaculture and the lack of progress on the development of official USDA standards for organic aquaculture. 

Health & Welfare

The pros and cons of sodium percarbonate

Cleaning is part of the daily management to ensure adequate rearing conditions, but additional water treatment is occasionally required to further improve the water quality. A disinfectant like sodium percarbonate can reduce the bacterial load. 

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Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: George S. Lockwood

With his book, “Aquaculture: Will it Rise to Its Potential to Feed the World?” hot off the presses, the pioneer abalone farmer vents on U.S. aquaculture regulations but remains deeply optimistic about fish farming.