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Penaeus vannamei

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Health & Welfare

EHP es un factor de riesgo para otras enfermedades del camarón

Desafíos de laboratorio y un estudio caso-control se utilizaron para determinar los efectos de la infección por EHP en dos enfermedades de Vibrio: necrosis hepatopancreática aguda (AHPND) y necrosis hepatopancreática séptica (SHPN). 

Health & Welfare

EHP a risk factor for other shrimp diseases

Laboratory challenges and a case-control study were used to determine the effects of EHP infection on two Vibrio diseases: acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) and septic hepatopancreatic necrosis (SHPN). 

Health & Welfare

Saudi Arabia developing effective farmed shrimp biosecurity strategy

Biosecurity strategies adopted by the shrimp industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have resulted in historical production in 2015 and a similar forecast for 2016, and are a significant step towards the long-term goal of sustainable aquaculture.