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Philip Buike


Treatment of shrimp hatchery effluents

Shrimp hatcheries are highly dependent on continuous availability of clean water and proper treatment of effluents using sedimentation and biofiltration. 

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Health & Welfare

Efectos de la temporada de lluvias en estanques de engorde de camarones

Durante la temporada de lluvias, el agua del estanque y la calidad del fondo pueden sufrir cambios significativos e impactar la salud, el bienestar y la productividad del camarón. Los administradores de granjas deben estar preparados para administrar los riesgos 

Health & Welfare

Rainy season effects on shrimp grow-out ponds

During the rainy season, pond water and bottom quality can undergo significant changes and impact shrimp health, well-being and productivity. Farm managers should be prepared to manage the associated risks.