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Changing the production chain of Amazonian pirarucu

Studies in Brazil over the last five years addressed the challenges facing commercial producers of the important, air-breathing, freshwater fish pirarucu in order to support and expand production. 

Innovation & Investment

Pirarucu culture in the Brazilian Amazon

With their fast growth and ample light-flavored flesh, pirarucu present great potential. Industry growth is hampered by limited technology and management of domestication practices. Also, current commercial diets are typically not fully suited to the nutritional needs of pirarucu. 

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Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture planning, development in Brazilian federal waters

The aquaculture industry in Brazil is moving toward further expansion with the support of the federal government. A key strategy of the More Fishing and Aquaculture plan is the development of aquaculture in federal waters. The plan promotes sustainable development 

Health & Welfare

Aquaculture of Amazon fish in Latin America

Many fish species that live in the Amazon basin have great potential for aquaculture. The main species currently cultured in the region is tambaqui, a fast-growing, omnivorous fish that tolerates poor water quality.