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polymerase chain reaction

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Health & Welfare

Cost-effective biosecurity crucial for shrimp farming

Many shrimp producers give only perfunctory attention to routine biosecurity at hatcheries and farms. A cost-effective biosecurity program for farmed shrimp requires reliable diagnostic tools to make timely decisions to control or exclude pathogens. 

Health & Welfare

How good are your shrimp postlarvae?

Stocking the best quality shrimp postlarvae, healthy and free of pathogens, is a critical management step with significant effects on the production and profitability of a shrimp farm. 

Health & Welfare

Training and harmonization of PCR diagnosis of WSSV in India

Accurate PCR testing of shrimp seedstock assures shrimp farmers that their seedstock is clean of major diseases. Ring tests verify that labs conducting PCR testing are obtaining correct, reliable and reproducible results when testing for specific shrimp diseases. 

Health & Welfare

Polymerase chain reaction: How useful is it?

Polymerase chain reaction testing is a powerful tool that can detect very low levels of pathogens, but its ability to screen and produce results that represent the population is often oversimplified. Screening of the wrong tissues or too few animals