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Replacing fishmeal with DFB in pompano diets 

A study evaluated the inclusion of bacterial, dried fermented biomass as a replacement for fishmeal in four practical diets for Florida pompano juveniles. There were no significant differences in final weight, survival, FCR or thermal-unit growth coefficient. 


Aquaculture Exchange: Rick Barrows

After 14 years with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, Rick Barrows talks about the importance of finding ‘complete’ and commercially viable alternative sources of omega-3 fatty acids and continuing innovation in the aquafeed sector. 

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Maximizing nutrition for adult marine fish

Since fish consume more feed in the final stages of growout, the development of ecologically efficient and nutritionally adequate diets for adult fish should be a priority. Digestible protein-digestible energy ratios are important for optimizing feeding efficiency in feed formulation 

Innovation & Investment

Colombia to diversify its aquaculture industry through marine fish culture

A collaboration among the Center for Aquaculture Research in Colombia, Center for Research, Education and Recreation, and University of Miami is working to adapt the latest aquaculture technology available worldwide to local conditions and create opportunities for farming new commercial 

Health & Welfare

High-soy, fishmeal-free diets support Florida pompano growth

The authors have achieved good growth using a fishmeal-free diet for the carnivorous marine fish Florida pompano. In studies, they used pompano as a model marine species in a cost/benefit analysis of two extruded diets. 

Health & Welfare

Pompano reared to market size in RAS

In a trial, rearing density affected the mean weight and weight gain of pompano, although dif­ferences between treatments be­came apparent toward the end of the study.