News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Health & Welfare

Prebiotics and their role in sustainable aquaculture

Results of a study to evaluate a commercial prebiotic on growth of European sea bass juveniles indicates this product can improve fish growth performance and allowing for the fish to reach the marketable size earlier, boosting their immune status, and 

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Health & Welfare

Aquamimicry: A revolutionary concept for shrimp farming

Aquamimicry simulates natural, estuarine production conditions by creating zooplankton blooms as supplemental nutrition to the cultured shrimp, and beneficial bacteria to maintain water quality. Better-quality shrimp can be produced at lower cost and in a more sustainable manner.  

Health & Welfare

Probiotics, prebiotics in aquatic animals

Research has shown that probiotics and prebiotics can help mediate stress responses and improve disease resistance, growth performance, feed utilization, carcass composition and other traits by stimulating animals’ innate immune systems. 

Health & Welfare

Prebiotics, probiotics provide alternatives to antibiotics

As the demand for aquaculture products increases, so does the search for environmentally friendly alternatives to antibiotics. Alternatives to antibiotics include dietary prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics.