News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Shrimp farming in Guatemala has gone intensive

Guatemala’s shrimp-farming growth is due to a highly intensive system of small ponds and shorter cycles. Production of close to 25,000 metric tons is expected in 2018. 


Bacterial amendments in shrimp grow-out ponds

Pond microbial communities are a critical and often overlooked component of aquaculture ecosystems. Bacterial amendments like probiotics provide significant support to shrimp farmers around the world. 

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Ongoing production issues in shrimp farming, part 2

Effective implementation of biosecurity protocols in shrimp farming requires awareness, discipline and a commitment by farm owners to implement them. The authors take a close look at intensive nurseries and how to exclude pathogens, predators and competitors. 

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Natural strategies to improve growth and health of farmed shrimp

The application of probiotics, prebiotics and lipopolysaccharides has shown positive results with farmed shrimp, and is a very promising field, but more research is needed to clarify and foresee the molecular impact of these biological entities. 

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Biofloc technology holds potential for carnivorous fish species

Juvenile carnivorous African catfish performed well in biofloc-based systems, which could help produce better quality and more disease-resistant seed of this important aquaculture species and support the expansion of African catfish farming industry.